187 Derby Wrist

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• Slide-on wrist guards
• Cupped and contoured protective plate
• Padded interior

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"Hands down (get it?), the best wrist guards I've worn for derby or otherwise. I've been through 4 different brands and 6 different styles of wristguards, and these have been the only ones that have withstood the test of comfort AND durability. The initial iteration of these had some issues with rivets bruising people's hands, so if you had that issue, you will be happy to know that this was addressed adding a high density foam between the hard palm cap and the material that sits against your skin, officially making these the most comfortable wrist guards I've ever worn. The cut along the top of the palm allows for maximum dexterity (I can lace my skates with these on if I need to) and the intentional removal of the "splint" along the top of the hand allows for more natural "catching" movements from the hands during a fall. Bonus point? The velcro lasts a whole season of high level derby." - Mack

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