Moxi Beach Bunny Skate Package

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• Drum-dyed vinyl upper
• Custom Moxi Dri-Lex™ lining
• PVC unit outsole and heel
• Curved collar for added comfort
• Ankle padding
• Matching drum-dyed vinyl toe caps
• Bright polyester laces
• High rebound outdoor wheels with glitter

Boot: Moxi Beach Bunny
Plate: Marvel aluminum
Wheels: Moxi Beach Bunny 58mm 78A
Bearings: ABEC-5
Toe Stop: Adjustable black

This skate runs in US men's sizes

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"Love the fun Moxi colors? Want a skate you can take outdoors that is cute and ready to roll? Want an upgrade from a "basic" skate but don't want to spend the extra money on a Lolly? Don't want to get a leather skate, but want something that will last? Or perhaps you are a heavier skater who is worried about rolling on a nylon plate? If any or a combination of these are true, this is the skate for you! This is an awesome mid-price-range skate that will hold up pretty well, give you a more stiff and responsive experience than a setup with a nylon plate, and still be cute as heck, all of which are wins, in my book." - Mack

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