Radar Wheel Bag

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• Durable nylon bag holds up to 8 wheels
• Double handle, double zipper for easy carrying and access
• 8' long x 5' wide

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"The MOST convenient little bag for storing and carrying your wheels! I've got a number of these that I use to keep all my different derby wheels organized and ready to pack for tournament travel. The Radar Wheel Bag comes in so many different colors, it's easy to keep track of which wheels are in each bag. They come with a loop on the end, so if you're like me and always have your gear bag packed to the max, it's super convenient to clip onto the outside. On top of all that it's also the perfect size to store any tools, energy chews or tablets, and general extra stuff you might need on the bench during a game. 10/10 would absolutely recommend this bag!" -Bella

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